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Week 8 & 9: Contexts and Audience: Webinar task; proposal models

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

There are so many models for a proposal. The forum asked us to cast our net further and look at how other industries formatted theirs. I used a format that a friend encouraged their students to use when 'pitching' for internal film contests.

The response to this 'fairly' broad view that required much manipulation of the structure to fit photography needs was:

On the forum: "In typical Inter-disciplinary fashion I thought I would corrupt a proposal form that comes from a student film competition workshop that a friend used to run. There seems to be parallels but where there are gaps I'd be interested to receive the feedback."

CP's response:

Thanks for that Damien - I think the Bio and images tend to be separate. You can add something on images and design of images.

The One minute (or 10 second) pitch is vital I think - My favourite is "Last year my grandfather died and left me 20,000 butterflies."

And the Killer image - I've been sold to write a book review off the back of an app (check out Julie Poly and her Ukrainian train book).

In this the story set up has been surrendered in favour of technique etc - I'd go with the story - you can get people with a story much easier than technique.

What do other people think? Any examples of killer statements or one line pitches?"

*This has influenced how I am going to tackle my proposal. I used the killer statement as a quote from a controversial advert.

"Dark Out, White in... Click LIKE for fairer skin!"

Juxtaposed with an annotated self-portrait. Impact from the start.

I am also using questions as headings in order to be as inclusive as possible with the reader. Linguistically reducing the distance.

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