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On the way through...

I'm too busy! That is the trap I am trying not to fall into. So these short "On the way through" street posts may only have 3 or 4 shots but it is me creating  a 5 or 10 minute window by getting off the bus one or two stops early.

Damien Williams

 11 October 2017

Fujifilm XT1 w/ 56mm F/1.2

I am obsessed... obsessed with the ubiquitous nature of these mini computers that we have in our pockets. To call them phones is simply wrong. We literally have a device more powerful than the computers that assisted with sending people into space. We take them for granted, but we also take the world for granted by using them so frequently. People look at them while walking and really don't know how they get home each night. Breathe... This evening I was on my way home and it was immediately apparent that nobody was looking at anything other than their device. So overwhelming I took out my camera and shot these in 9 minutes walking to the taxi rank. 

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