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Damien Williams

 24 July 2019

Fujifilm XT1 w/ 18-55mm, 23mm F/1.4 

Canon AE-1 program w/ 50mm F/1.8

Canon 5D mk2 w/ 50mm F/1.8 and 28-135mm

160204Dubai walkabout-348.jpg
Disclaimer: This is a very old post and was captured before street photography was deemed illegal by the authorities in the UAE. It is also has images that are taken over a period of 5 years, with many combinations of lenses, bodies and camera systems. Dubai is an amazing transformative and creative environment where many are encouraged to think big. However, there is another environment that works underneath the shiny surface that has a more traditional and modest focus. Unfortunately a long-term study would be amazing but not possible now. I very much enjoyed my time in Dubai and hope to go back and create  body of work in this compelling place.
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