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holland village

Damien Williams

 24 January 2020

Fujifilm XT1 w/ 23mm F/1.4, 56mm F/1.2

Fujifilm XT3 w/ 23mm F/1.4, 56mm F/1.2

Pentax 645n w/ 75mm F/2.8

Mamiya 7 w/ 65mm F/4

Copy of Fuji 160 Mamiya 7-1814812.jpg
Holland Village is a hidden gem located along the boundary of the Central Region of Singapore. Holland Village is a popular shopping, fitness and dining destination for Singaporeans and expatriates alike. The many bars and restaurants are in a bigger neighbourhood of the same name. There are lovely little nooks to observe life from as the sun goes down. There is even a windmill.

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