My name is Damien and I'm a Singapore based photographer and teacher. I primarily shoot Fujifilm-X (digital) cameras for work (and pleasure), however I am also an avid film shooter, specifically medium format film. My favourite being 6x7 format. I am drawn to the feel and form factor of the cameras, the sound and the tactile experience of using the cameras. Personal memories and capturing them is hugely important to me. I know the importance of memories from personal experience. The best documents being photographs and the most meaningful being images of our own history. Recording those moments for you is a privilege and I strive to find the best environment to support you in enjoying your personal memories for the rest of you 'future history'. My background is in music and teaching which allows for a fun and unique way to approach a shoot or project. So if you are interested in collaborating or creating memories in anyway, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Over the cue ball