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Who I am

Memories are precious and increase in value as time goes on. My aim is to capture these memories is honestly as they happen. I am Damien, a versatile Singapore based photographer who captures memories of every form and gives them the respect they deserve, so that the future can honour them as history. Your history, Your memories.


As a former musician who toured Europe extensively during the 90s I have no photos, therefore no memories to pass on to my children. I understand the regret of not committing what I was doing, as I was doing it, to record (film back then). I am now a teacher and father, both roles involve observing and recording the little but important details that really bring experiences to life, for life. Recording the everyday joys (and even pain) is so important, especially now that we are immersed in images that we have no emotional investment. Having those important everyday moments captured in a skilled and documentary fashion by a versatile photographer is an investment in your children’s, and their children’s, memories and happiness. Sharing the truth in an image is extremely impactful. 

If, like me, you value how a well composed single frame can capture these intimate moments, these unique stories that you cherish. You'll know more often than not those moments are only happen when everyone is at their ease. 

You can get in contact with me here, and let's chat about the best way to preserve your moments in future history.


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Twitter: @daylight_reader


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