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Positions and Practice (Week 1)

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

This is the start of my accredited educational course, the MA in Photography with Falmouth University.

‘View from the man-cave’ (2020), Damien Williams

My first forum task, “View from your window” was tricky in it’s simplicity. It said not to labour on this task and initially that wasn’t an issue. What was an issue was “...might say about you - your situation; your photography; or your interests more…” Turning the meaning of what I do on myself was an experience that resonated with the discussions on representation. Can a single image represent truth or a person with any real validity? 

On the forum I wrote:

The ‘view from the man-cave’ is a view I’m slowly getting familiar with. I have just moved into the house. This is my study, my space which is littered with objects that have defined me (or my focus in life) at some point. The ‘Distance Learning’ that has recently taken over the world as a result of the CoVid-19 pandemic has meant this view is multilayered in meaning. I am spending many hours here because of working from home, whilst still connecting with outside. However the fence you can see means it is restricted to me. However this window to the outside world prevents me from feeling isolated. Urban development means it is rare to have an immediate and unobstructed view of outside. It was important for the contextual meaning of the image to include both inside and outside in the composition. A composition that has three distinct phases: Inside, with the most shadow and light only just defining the objects. Also with the largest lit percentage of this ‘phase’ being a reflection of the sky (free real estate). Outside; in the shadow of upstairs, part of my tenancy which transitions from concrete to soil. Outside; beyond the fence, in full sunlight in ‘free’ space (as exemplified by the wild rabbit look back at me). 

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