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  • Damien Williams

Positions and Practice Week 1: Introducing the Global Image

How did photography become a global medium?

Photography is everywhere. As a medium it is used to convey many different types of messages. Recording everyday life (vernacular), Scientific record, Artistic record and as Art itself (successionism). The latest wave of global pervasiveness is due to the availability of fast image making. Access is hugely important both in taking, editing and distributing the images. This has become so much more convenient now compared to the film and darkroom age and before that. The impact of time and improved was to work with available light is also a determining factor. When Film was ‘slow’ and an outdoor pursuit it was less readily used in an omnipresent fashion. This also had an impact on capturing fast moving objects. The development of ASA/ISO and better imaging at the higher reaches of film-speed/sensor-sensitivity has been a factor. Also, the size and portability of the equipment.

How does your own work relate to the global nature of photography?

Currently, my work is ‘local’ and at best local with a very small/ targeted global reach. My work for companies that are small franchises or voluntary organisations all have a very targeted (or even captive) audience. I do not enjoy social media and that shows in my lack of presence and I have no overt/tell-tale characteristics that identify my work as 'mine'. It is all about conveying story/narrative in a very ‘blunt’ way. I have not reached my subtle and artistically challenging work (for an audience). The reason I started this MA was to increase the depth of my work by studying Visual Arts processes and changing my practices in a long-term and sustainable way. These practices are not limited to the physical or mental processes of creating or conceptualising art but also the organisational aspects that increases the reach of the work. Moving towards local or global as appropriate.

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