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  • Damien Williams

Positions and Practice Week 1: Reflection

Updated: Sep 27, 2020


The notion that the current proliferation of photography/selfies etc. is a bad thing. I feel that it has no baring on high quality images with great graft from cultured practitioners. However, I also feel that the divide between the visually literate and illiterate is getting bigger and being exploited by media companies that pretend to be impartial media. Also, the responsibility and ethical practises of the ‘social-media’ photographers taking jobs from those that stand by an oath of journalism rather than fame and viral success is a very thorny issue that needs addressing with media companies being held accountable for the message they are conveying.


The knowledge about the inception of photography. The battle of democratisation and profitability. The instant social power of photography to inform and the readiness to use photography as propaganda or a political tool (anthropological photography)

Knowledge gained

The definition of the craft of photography is a lot clearer.

The history of photography is now of greater importance to me.

That topographical photography being the Genre and landscape photography a style within has helped with my inability to conceptualise landscape photography.

The role of African-Americans and the working classes to spread the popularity and use of photography

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