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Week 7: Oral presentation and project progress

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Week seven

This week, the past fortnight really, it has been a blur. I'm enjoying the learning about photography and having to really think about what it means to be an Artist/Creative (an active one)/Photographer. None of that would change. However, this week I was introduced to what it is like to keep your ideals under the pressure of a deadline albeit a small one.

I feel disappointed in myself for feeling pressured under such seemingly benign circumstances.

When my students at my 'day-job/career' have to deal with a more varied source of pressure at school.

This fortnight (Week six and seven) are about methods and strategies. This is been what I have dealt with at the forefront of my mind. The three main tasks were:

The oral presentation

This has been a very in-depth and arduous process. However it has been worthwhile. I have had to equip myself with better audio in order to record to a standard that I deem acceptable. Using the zoom H1N has been such a wonderful purchase and experience. I feel in my presentation that I spoke too much, had too much to say or in photography speak I couldn't edit well enough. I am pleased with how I have researched the presentation. I took a risk and focused on do research project rather than following the format of my history then the project. However the greatest regret is my lack of effective time management. I am however pleased with how I I'm developing my critical language when it comes to analysing images. I'm very long way away from being the standard that I would like, but it is only weak seven. I have recorded and re-recorded the audio, edited the old audio. I used a hybrid process of Final Cut and Keynote. Next time I will create the images and backgrounds completely in Keynote and then export to Final Cut. This time I assembled almost everything in Final Cut and as a process it didn't leave me much room to be able to re-edit after the initial edit.

The fora:

faux pas: which I failed to participate in and his exposed a flaw in my cataloguing and my access to photos. This is something I will seek to improve my practice.

micro task: I will refer back to the micro task in a separate post found here.

Progress on my research project

The visualisation of the project, gaining access to models for that working progress and beyond. Is my major concern at the moment. Watching guest lectures and hearing how other photo-artists often struggle to settle on how the end product will initially look, before progressing, is a source of comfort. The deadline however, is not. How to approach people to photograph their skin and finding the people who can connect me with both knowledge and models; tattooist, dermatologist, make-up artist etc. is an initial issue while the lockdown restrictions are in place. Also, I'm not prepared to compromise on certain parts of this project. I fully expect that this will be a longer term project than the length of my MA, so compromise is not something I wish to go into lightly.

Looking for a range of art and science styles to photograph skin or, more to the point, how they are photographed in the fields of pathology, fine art, portrait or at least in a different way then I take portraits. Is taking my time, in a very willing fashion. Focusing on photographing of the skin rather than the flesh, will also be a distinction that provides challenges... or am I over thinking it?

I believe I will have to photograph the skin available to me in my house in order to complete the WiP assignment. This is incredibly limiting as I wanted to photograph skin in it's varied contexts and not just in a 'studio' setting.

Thoughts on how to proceed with skin.

Still more questions At least the journey is enjoyable and I still 'back-myself' to create something worthwhile.

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